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The day before yesterday I proceed with my first sediment recovery in the deep sea in order to find some micrometeorites. This happened in the Canary archipelago, between the  islands of Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura, about 12 nautical miles away from Gran Canaria North East coast. Situation of the Canary Islands archipelago The first step was to check with local authorities if this kind of activity is allowed. I got an official answer I can do that. I then studied the sea bottoms using some tools like EMODnet - BATHYMETRY (Topography of the European Seas). The place I have chosen is:           N 28º06.780' / W 15º13.822' In decimal degrees: N 28.11º / W15.23º This is situated 22 km away from the Gran Canaria island coast. The Canary islands are quite dry with no constant flowing river. As a consequence very few sediments are flowing to the sea water which remains always very clear. I expected the sedimentation rate should be low so the sediments could be rich in micrometeorit