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So, I am hunting for MicroMeteorites (MM) in the sea sediments I recovered at almost 1500m deep North East Gran Canaria (Spain). This is my first deep sea sediment extraction and the first time I analyze such sediments. The sediments contain rather few magnetic particles and very few spherical magnetic particles. As a consequence there are quite few MM to be find. But still, it is a good new the sediments are uncontaminated (or almost uncontaminated) by anthropic spherules. Two experts in micrometeorites accepted to give me a help. These are  Scötte Peterson, from Mineasota in the USA and Jon Larsen from Olso, Norway, author of the book "In the Search of Star Dust".  I sent them some samples of the sediments. Scötte already received the samples and immediately found a nice barred olivine in them. Jon Larsen should receive the samples in the next days. In the meanwhile I found a few micrometeorites pretenders. Very small all of them. Here is a picture of one of them:  This pic