A machine selecting spherules from deep sea sediments

I am working on a machine that could select spherical micro particles from deep sea sediments. It is based on a inclined vibrating plane on which the spherical particles are rolling down. After a few adjustments it seems it works quite good. This picture is a sample of non magnetic particles selected by the machine. I think these spheres are from animal kingdom. Maybe eggs.

The drawback of the machine is it also discards many spherules. That would be unacceptable working on dust from urban roofs. But the deep sea sediments, even if difficult to recover, are virtually infinite. Once one find a way to recover deep sea sediments, discarding part of them should not be much problem.

Here is a good micrometeorite pretender I found using the machine for the first time on real unchecked sediments (it is translucid):

I also find this weird twin that is very probably terrestrial.

Opinions on the machine and on the micrometeorites pretenders are welcome.



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