Group of terrestrial spherules


This is probably the worst you can find while looking for micrometeorites. I found it in the deep sea sediments I recovered.

Many micrometeorites have a spherical or aerodynamical shape (if they melted when entering the atmosphere). Most of them also show one or more metal beads.

So finding a particle with spherical shape and metal bead is good. It should be good.

But micrometeorites are singles. They were alone in space, they should remain alone on the earth. Finding a group of 2 or more micrometeorites means these are just not micrometeorites.

I found this group of spherules with metal beads which would have been good candidates if they were alone. Y have no idea which terrestrial phenomenon on the earth produced these nice imposters. But this is disappointing as this reduces the probability other glassy candidates with a metal bead I found are extraterrestrial.

The need of a (complex) chemical analysis is now higher.


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