News from -1500m

I am still working on the sediments I recovered from the deep sea bottom, at -1500 m deep.

A few days ago I extracted some magnetic particles with a magnet, I look through the microscope and I saw quite a few interesting things.

Today I took some pictures of the particles.

Some particles, with spherical shapes are translucid but I could not show this on a picture. I need to improve my set up to do so.

So I discarded the translucid ones and took pictures of others. Here they are.

Micrometeorite Barred Olivine
This one is a nice barred olivine Micrometeorite. It looks like MM 340 from the book "In the search of Stardust" by Jon Larsen. Notice it is surprisingly not weathered despite it is coming from the sea bottom.

Spherule picture
Unfortunately this one is probably not a Micrometeorite. First it is too big. The shape is too spherical. I cannot see any detail suggesting it is a MM. But there are very few spherical particles in the sediments I recovered, so it would be interesting to analyze this despite it does not actually look like extra terrestrial.

Scoriaceous spherule picture
Once again I am afraid this is not from the space. This is probably a red scoriaceous spherule which origin is unknown. It is very weird by the way.

Empty spherule
This one is interesting. Notice it is very small. Not easy to see on the picture but it is partially empty. This could be a weathered glassy Micrometeorite. I will try to get it analyzed. 


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