Spherical micro particle rolling down an inclined plane


I have no idea of the origin of this little spherical particle. It is not visible on the picture but it is translucid. It took me long to understand the "magical light and flares" is due to bubbles inside the translucid material. Yes, this comes from the sea bottom, at -1500m. Supposing it has an extraterrestrial origin, I think the bubbles would be due to evaporation of metals during its entrance in the high atmosphere. But this may simply have a terrestrial origin.

I will send it to for a SEM analysis if possible.

Interesting information: This is the first spherical particle I find by mechanical properties of a sphere: I noticed it was rolling better and faster than other particles, I picked it up, check it with the microscope and... yeh!

I designed a "micrometeorite finder" or at least a "spherical particle" finder. Just a prototype so far. It uses an inclined aluminum plane with a small motor below transmitting a vibration.

Actually I am not happy with it. I checked it with 30% spherical particles (including a genuine barred olivine micrometeorite) and 70% non spherical particle. I expected 100% spherical particles reaching first the bottom of the plane as they are rolling better than others. But the ratio was about 50%. Very small particles were getting stuck in tiny imperfections of the plane, whatever the shape they have. I am looking for something better.


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